Artreach Workshops

Citizenship, Personal & Social Development Through Art

This programme helps students explore their role as citizens at a local, national & international level through interactive, hands on games & art activities.

Designed specifically to target social & development issues through experiential learning methods & to use various art media as a tool for discovery& exploration.

This programme was successfully delivered to both Transition Year & Youthreach                                                                                                         students last year with facilitators, school teachers  & especially the students themselves being impressed & surprised at the depth of the creative and educational outcomes and the positive team building effects the activities had on the groups.

Click here to see some of the work created by students in these workshops.

This workshop is usually delivered in 2 parts-

Part 1-‘Myself as a Citizen’ –Visual & Video Presentations, Games & Art Collage Self Portrait to consider the self as a citizen

Part 2-‘Citizenship & Development -Nationally &Internationally’ – Active Discussions, Floating Debates, Visual Presentation on Advocacy Campaigns & creation of own ‘Adbuster’  Poster/Postcards

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  • Olivia McCarthy:

    Looking for info re setting up an art workshop for 4th yrs in my school CBS thurles

  • Hi Olivia,
    Thanks for your enquiry.
    Someone will get back to you in next few days with soem further details. We’re up the walls with queries this week! Sorry for the delay.
    If you need info urgently just call the office on 01 6275795
    Thanks so much.
    Wassa Wassa

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