Primary Schools

Wexford Local Development -School’s Workshops 2012Wexford National Schools
RTE Kidspeak Recording 2012-Wassa Wassa Workshops- Kidspeak
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Drumming Workshops

A hands on, upbeat introduction to the Rhythms of West Africa. With over 30 authentic African hand-made drums, Wassa Wassa Drum Workshops really are a unique opportunity for students to explore their musical abilities in a fun and educational way…… more

Drum/Dance and Cultural Awareness

This workshop introduces students to a more detailed exploration of Africa and the lives and cultures behind the music, song and dance and are usually part of a combined programme with our drum or dance workshops…… more

Dance Workshops

For the school year 2013-14 we are offering Dance Worshops from Central Africa. A new programme launched in early 2013 these workshops offer a really authentic taste of African dance at its very best with Congolese facilitator Tshibo Prince joining the Wassa Wassa team….read more..